[3 women, 2 men]

The Mississippi Delta. 1969. The Supreme Court has put its foot down and in this last county, desegregation must dissolve. Poor, white sisters, Nola and Nell, one grounded by cynicism and the other by faith, live day-to-day. Until they discover a mixed-race, highly-educated sister they never knew they had. And in a place where separation begets isolation, difference turns out to be a saving grace.


  • May 4-28, 2017: Production, Aurora Theatre, Atlanta/Lawrenceville, GA
  • April-May/2015: World Premiere Production, Florida Repertory Theatre, Fort Myers, FL
  • May/2014: Developmental Reading, Florida Repertory Theatre PlayLab, Fort Myers, FL
  • July/2012: Workshop & Staged Reading, Essential Theatre Festival, Atlanta, GA
  • April/2007: Reading, New Stage Theatre, Jackson, MS as a winner in their Eudora Welty New Plays Festival
  • February/2006: Reading, Truman State University




5-Minute “About the Play” Video (Florida Rep)

 15-Minute “Making Of…” Video (Florida Rep)

Production Photos (Florida Rep) —Nick Adams Photography
(click here for cast and creative team listing)


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