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DRAMA (with sci-fi, humor, and a touch of magic)
pronounced [med-ik-uh]
{2 women, 2 men}
90 minutes

Synopsis: In a surgical tent, on the frontlines of a 30-year war in some place arid and austere, some time—maybe now, maybe then, maybe much later—two isolated doctors use their wits, skills, and imaginations to keep the boys alive. Initially only in a battle with shrapnel, hunger, and their own diehard senses of empathy, the women are soon faced with a new enemy: the world’s first male doctor.

Development History 

  • July/2015, workshop and reading of selected scenes, Emory University’s Breaking Ground


{2 women, 2 men}
75 minutes

Synopsis: Ingrid, an uptight and unwittingly alluring anthropologist of primitive sexual behavior, has apparently done a terrible job of distinguishing who she is from what she teaches. When a slew of students at her college call foul and cry wolf, Ingrid finds herself jobless and without a compass. Until her brother suggests a new career writing erotica, and even while Ingrid’s stunted sexuality tries to stay hidden, her beating heart is clawing its way out.

Development History 


COMEDY • Commission for Horizon Theatre Company
{4 women, 2 men}
2 hours

Synopsis: Brainy outcast, Susan Dickey, gives tours at Atlanta’s historic Oakland Cemetery in hopes that its vibrant past might make her own present feel less stuck. Mostly, she wanders the brick walkways amidst the towering mausolea quite alone, until one spring day when a freak tornado cuts a swath through her sanctuary and churns up not only a buried mystery, but also a cadre of urban misfits. Despite being sociopaths, introverts, and cantankerous geniuses, they’ll come together to confront unexplained visions in an attempt to save themselves and the cemetery from oblivion.

Development History

  • Sept 23-Oct 30, 2016, World Premiere Production: Horizon Theatre (Commission for the New South Play Works Series of new plays exploring the contemporary American South, community and positive change focusing on people and themes of interest to intown Atlanta, Georgia)

Reviews & Press


Drama (with a lot of humor)
[3 women, 2 men]
2 hours


The Mississippi Delta. 1969. The Supreme Court has put its foot down and in this last county, desegregation must dissolve. Poor, white sisters, Nola and Nell, one grounded by cynicism and the other by faith, live day-to-day. Until they discover a mixed-race, highly-educated sister they never knew they had. And in a place where separation begets isolation, difference turns out to be a saving grace.

Production History


[3 women, 2 men]
90 minutes

When charismatic Mississippi good ol’ boy and champion deer hunter, Oscar Moak, one day doesn’t seem able to shoot, he and a talkative doe take his family on a wild ride. While Oscar shuts down from shame and fear, the doe tries to coax him out. Meanwhile, Oscar’s father, struggling with chronic pain, loses the will to fight, his mother takes home renovations into her own hands, and his devoted wife discovers adrenaline. If you’re afraid to die, does it also mean you’re afraid to live?

Development History

  • October/2012: Staged Reading, Theatrical Outfit, Atlanta, GA


[2 women]
90 minutes

Circumstance brings together two very different women at an isolated Oklahoma bus stop in the wee hours, beginning a dance of hurt, humor, and intense longing for connection that could bridge the gap over two painful pasts. A horrible discovery mid-way through the night proves to be a catalyst for revelation, transformation, and, ultimately, that desperate link. Are these women truly opposites? Who will they be when the next bus comes?

Production History

  • June/2015: Actor’s Repertory Theatre of Luxembourg
  • February/2006: Theatre Row, New York City (limited 3-week engagement)
  • July/2006: American Theatre of Actors, New York City (limited 3-week engagement)
  • August/2005: Truman State University



Luxemburger Wort (June/2015): Greyhounds, by Actors Repertory Theatre, A Journey You Won’t Forget (PDF)

Luxembourg Chronicle (June/2015) (PDF)


“You’ll want to take the journey with Greyhounds, an intriguing well-acted play.”
—Robin Milling, World Entertainment News Network (Feb/2006)

“…playwright Daryl Lisa Fazio has mastered the art of dialogue, giving each character real room for development. This writer has great potential, and I am eager to see future works.” –Akia Squitiere, Scene 4 Magazine (Feb/2006)

“Greyhounds is an actor’s showcase…a revelatory and exciting second [half]. Fazio’s use of flashbacks provide a great touch…” –Frank Avella, Newyorkcool.com (Feb/2006)

”When two strangers meet at a bus terminal to escape or reenact the reasons behind their fears, what emerges in a series of magically constructed vignettes is a play by Daryl Lisa Fazio called “Greyhounds.” Structural nuances, clever reversals peppered with humor make this charming play a wonderful debut for Fazio.” —Nick Mwaluko, Talent in Motion Magazine (Feb/2006)