SAFETY NET (Theatrical Outfit, Oct-Nov, 2019)
Dir. Karen Robinson • Featuring Carolyn Cook, Daryl Lisa Fazio, Rhyn McLemore Saver • Photos: Casey Gardner

THE FLOWER ROOM (Actor’s Express, April-May, 2018)
Dir. Melissa Foulger • Featuring Matthew Busch, Eliana Marianes, Stacy Melich, Joshua Quinn • Photos: Casey Gardner

SPLIT IN THREE (Aurora Theatre, May, 2017)
Dir. Justin Anderson • Featuring Elijah Marcano, Courtney Patterson, Falashay Pearson, Rhyn McLemore Saver, Travis Smith • Photos: Christopher Bartelski

FREED SPIRITS (Horizon Theatre, Sept-Oct, 2016)
Dir. Lisa Adler • Featuring Suehyla El-Attar, Bryn Striepe, Jonathan Horne, Marguerite Hannah, Jimmica Collins, and Spencer Miller • Photos: Greg Mooney

SPLIT IN THREE (Florida Repertory Theatre, May, 2015)
Dir. Justin Anderson • Featuring Rachel Burttram, Tyler Layton, Christian Koller, Zolan Henderson, &  Robin LeMon • Photos: Nick Adams Photography

GRACE, or The Prince and the Machine (The Weird Sisters Project, Twisted Tales, July, 2015) Dir. Karen Robinson • Photos: Katie Cathell

POPart: THE MUSICAL (New York Musical Theatre Festival, Sept., 2010)
Dir. Chad Larabee

POPart: THE MUSICAL (Coastal Carolina Univ., 2008)
Dir. Monica Bell

GREYHOUNDS (Theatre Row, NYC, 2007)
Featuring Cheri Wicks and Heather Massie