(All written with composer collaborator, Aaron McAllister)

popart-logoPOPart: The Musical

[4 women, 4 men, 4-12 ensemble]

We’re off to see the wizard when 18-year old impressionable and slightly batty Kitty Katz enrolls in art school in this high-octane, irreverent, and campy original musical. Kitty’s suburbia-to-ghetto-to-SHoHo story gives us giant canvas glimpses of insanity, inspiration, acceptance…and plenty of that stuff called art.

Development/Production History

  • September-October/2010: New York Musical Theatre Festival official Next Link Selection
  • March/2009: Staged Reading, York Theatre Company Developmental Reading Series
  • October/2008: Coastal Carolina University workshop production


[principles: 3 m, 4 w / ensemble: 2 m, 2w]

In a small Ohio town, 8-year old Ethan Hale falls through the ice and is miraculously saved. But no one sees the rescue. And no one steps forward as the hero. So when Ethan, who not long ago lost his dad in a freak accident, insists that it was a “birdman,” his family struggle with hard questions about faith and their own capacity for hope as the town unravels the mystery.

Development  History

  • October/2015: National Alliance of Musical Theatre Festival of New Musicals, New York City
  • October/2013: Developmental Workshop and Staged Reading, Coastal Carolina University
  • April/2010: New York Musical Theatre Festival Next Link finalist (top 30)
  • March/2010: Private Industry Reading, New York City
  • May/2008: Staged Reading, York Theatre Company Developmental Reading Series