MEDICA chosen for WTP Ethel Woolson Lab


If any of my plays ever needed a developmental workshop, it’s MEDICA. And thanks to the fine folks at Working Title Playwrights, this surreal, sci-fi, darkly funny, bloody, relentless alternate reality (not the same as “alternate facts”) play about female surgeons in wartime is getting one. Because I seriously need some artist-types to help me see and hear what in the world I wrote.

The precise date is TBA, but it’ll be in October.

The Woolson,” as we call it, is a super opportunity, providing a juried selection process, several months with a dramaturg and a full week of rehearsal (and rewrites) and discussion with top-tier Atlanta actors and directors, culminating in a staged reading for an audience.

And I couldn’t be more thrilled to have director Amber Bradshaw at the wheel, with dramaturg Patricia Henritze helping me help the play find its road.


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