SPLIT IN THREE workshop pics, article and review

10302493_10152165955352585_5164549288397581949_n  So Florida Rep was a sensational host, doing a brilliant job of casting and choosing a director for SPLIT IN THREE (thank you, Jason Parrish). We had about nine hours together and, though I made this play ridiculously layered and impossible to investigate fully in that amount of time, the team was game for the process and gave a mesmerizing performance. Throughout rehearsal, we laughed a lot, talked about the meaning of life in Mississippi, and discovered the magic of the “hard R” when doing a country dialect. I have a bunch of new friends now, which is one of my favorite things about thee-at-ur to begin with.

10170759_10152165944127585_4070020195998706493_nThe southwest Florida patrons were the most hospitable I’ve ever encountered and were responsible for a rousing talkback. Their excitement about the play got ME excited!

And I can’t not mention the fascinating fella playwrights who shared the lab process with me–Bob Clyman, William Missouri Downs, Christopher Parks, and Mo Stephen Hannan have a bonkers list of credits between them and definitely learned me a thing or two about writing and being articulate in talkbacks.

FLORIDA WEEKLY newspaper did a preview article about the PlayLab (and decided to interview me, so my talkin’ is in there a lot, for better or worse). PLUS they did a follow-up sort of review of all the plays.

10253780_10152165944452585_8077005757142443401_nThis was the kind of experience after which I could die happy. Though, I’m pleased to say, I’m not dead.


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